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FS: Armalite AR10A
FS/FT: complete magnesium lightweight ar-15 lower
FS/FT: TC 7mm
FS/FT: No nonsense carbine
FS/FT: Mid-length, Free Floated, AR-15 Carbine
FS: Midwest Industries MinuteMan
FS/FT: AR-15
FS/FT: AR-15
FS/FT: Russian Saiga
FS: Ruger 10-22 With 25round magazine
FS: Custom Savage 308 with Mcree Precision chassis
FS: Hi Point 995TSDD, 9mm Carbine, Desert Digital C
FS: Hi-Point 4595TS DD, .45 ACP Carbine in Desert D
FS: Del-Ton DTI-15, 5.56 MM 16" Rifle, 5.56mm
FS: M&P AR & Rem. 870