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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

$ 900
ar pistol, anderson lower, 7.5" barrel, quad rails...
Wanting to trade my Sig 2022 for something else. I...
$ 11
Winchester 37 gr. hp's 1330 fps. and one box of 40...
FS: ar 15 pistol
FS: Ruger mini 14
FS: Mauser Sporter 30/06
FS/FT: Custom built .223/556
FT: Sig 2022
FS: Brand New Ruger 10/22 BX-25 x2 Magazine (50 rou
FS: Ruger SR9c + Extras
FS: Ed Brown Custom Kobra Carry LW
FS: Nighthawk Custom Bob Marvel
FS: Sig P226S X-Five
FS: Seekins Precision Competition Set Up
FS: 7mm( .284) pulled bullets
FS: 22 lr
FS: 6.5 Carcano Dies, Cases, Clip
FS: Glock 27 FDE OBO LAYAWAY .40S&W .40 S&W 40S&W 4