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FS: Antique Brass Flare Gun 37mm, 1944
FS/FT: LNIB Ruger SR1911 Talo edition with night sight
FS: 1913 German Luger
FS: M96 Swedish Mauser Rifle
FS/FT: 1907 Remington Autoloading Shotgun Pre Model 11
FS: Colt Offical Police pre war 38 special mfg 1929
FS: Walther Model PP WWII
FS: Colt Pocket Percussion Model of 1849. Second ch
FS: Smith & Wesson model 1903 second model 1st chan
FS: Smith & Wesson hand ejector model 1905 32WCF (3
FS: S&W 1st model 2nd issue 22 revolver
FS: Rare 5mm (Pinfire) Dolne-Bar Patent 'Apache' Kn
WTB: Enfield MKII Revolver
FS: Hungarian 43m Mannlicher 8mm
FS: Spanish 1916 Mauser