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FS/FT: Bowie's and a bayonet
WTB: Mosin Nagant m91/30
FS: Remington no1 Sporting Rifle 40-50 caliber
FS: Parker Bros 12ga SxS Trojan
FS: Winchester Winder Musket 22 short
WTB: 30/30-.38/.303/8mm antiques
FS: Springfield XDS Package
FS: Lee-Enfield 1941 WWII No.4 MarkI .303 24" Bolt
FS: Mauser 1893 Fabricade Armas 7X57 4 Round Clip 2
FS: Carl M96 Mauser, Gustafs Stads Gevarsfaktori 19
FS/FT: Winchester 840
FS: French Berthier Carbine, 3 shot
FS: WW1 French Contract Ruby Pistol, .32acp
FS: Very Rare AK-47
FS: P08 Luger