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FS: Original SA M1 Garand
FS: Lot of Antique Rifles
FS: Winchester Model 50 12 Gauge
FS: French Berthier MLE-M-16 8MM Lebel
FS: T53 (M44) Mosin Nagant rifle
FS: Curios&Relics
FS: 1943 Colt WWII 1911A1 GI Battle used with M1 ba
FS: winchester 1890 .22 LR
FS/FT: Colt 1903 Model,.32 auto Rimless
FS: Colt Military 1911
FS: WWI Imperial German GEW 98 Mauser
FS: WWII Nazi German 98k Mauser
FS: Steyr Piper .25
FS: Marlin Model 1883
FS: 1953 Hungarian Mosin Nagant M44