Fayetteville Rifles Classifieds

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Friday, April 18, 2014

FS: Custom Built AR
FT: universal m1 carbine
FS/FT: Savage 99c LEVER ACTION in 308 with Redfield 3x
FS/FT: Sks bullpup, beretta vertec, mosin nagant
FS: Black Rain Ordinance AR-15 Model Fallout 15 Bra
FS: Smith & Wesson M&P PC 15 Brand New
FS: Chrome DPMS 20th Anniversary AR-15 Number 7 of
FS: Remington 770 7mm Rem Mag
FS/FT: dpms oracle 308
FS: AR15 - High End / Upgraded W ACOG
FS: Remington 770 .270 Winchester
FS/FT: Edit....SKS, norinco, upgraded
FS: Henry Big Boy 38/357
FS: Spikes Tactical 5.45x39 Mid-Length AR-15
FS/FT: Correct 1955 Springfield M1 Garand
FS/FT: PWS MK216 308 win AR10, Aimpoint Pro Optic and
FS/FT: universal m1 carbine
FS: Norinco AK-47 Parts kit with 80% lower and ATI
FT: marlin 450 ported
FS: Springfield Armory SOCOM M1A with Sage EBR Stoc