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FS/FT: M1-22 carbine
FS/FT: Marlin 17 bull barrel with Simmons scope
FS: Taurus CT G2 Carbine
FS: Armscor-Rock Island Mig-22
FS: For sale cetme/G3 rifle and PO7 duty
FS: Sig Sauer.22
FS: Stag
FS/FT: Marlin Model 60 SB
FS/FT: Enfield #1 mark 3
FS: Remington 700 .223 in a choate ultimate sniper
FS/FT: Red X Arms 20" HBAR Stainless Railed Upper
FS: GSG. 5.
FS: Remington 30.06
FS: hi point carbine
FS: 30/30