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FT: Springfield XD 357
FS/FT: Kahr PM9 with extras
FS/FT: Kel Tec P32
FT: M&p core with rmr 06
FS: Ruger sr9c stainless
FS/FT: Arsenal Strike One
FS/FT: SAR BP9, 3 mags,owb Holster, 100rnds.
FS: 1911 - .22
FS/FT: HK USP 9mm With Extras
FS: RIA 1911 - .45
FS: LC9s
FS: Sig P226
FS/FT: Rock Island Armory Ultra FS 1911 -10mm
FS: FN Five Seven
FS: Military Surplus Beretta 84F 380ACP