Columbia Rifles Classifieds

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

$ 585
New build , just put together & test fired PTAC ...

Monday, September 01, 2014

FS: custom ruger 10/22 target rifle
FS/FT: Wilson Combat .300 blackout AR-15 !!!!!!!NEED T
FT: M4 5.56 223 psa with fn chrome lined barrel
FS: AR-15
FS/FT: Barnes Precision Machine AR BPM-15
FS: Ruger Mark II M77 243win
FS: Browning bar 7mag
FS: Springfield M1 Garand 1943 **Winter Trigger & S
FS/FT: Tikka T3 Bolt Action 243 cal, Stainless with Sy
FS/FT: Mid-length mock dissipator with knights armarme
FS: Springfield trap door
FT: Yugo SKS for trade
FS: Parker Cyclone Crossbow
FS: Ithaca M-49 .22
FS: 7mm Mauser sporterized in walnut stock