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Thursday, December 18, 2014

FS: 5000 rds of .22LR Ammo
FS: 1 Box of Hornady's Frontier Cartridges 30-30 Am
FT: 223 REM. AMMO - 260 ROUNDS trade for 7.62x51/.3
FS: Magtech .357 Magnum 125gr FMJ
FS: CCI Sub-sonic .22lr 100rds
FS: CCI Mini Mag .22lr 100rds
FS: CCI Standard Velocity .22lr
FS: Fiocchi 9mm Makarov 95gr
FS: Magtech .32 Auto 71gr Ammo
FS: S&B 7mm Rem Mag 158gr Ammo
FS: S&B .300 Win Mag 180gr Ammo
FS: Privi 303 Brittish 180gr Ammo
FS: Privi 243 Winchester 100gr Ammo
FS: Privi 270 Winchester 150gr Ammo
FS: PMC 5.56 XP193 55gr FMJBT