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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

$ 140
1,000 rounds .22 LR for $140...
FS: Herter's Select Field Dove and Quail Shotshells
FS: 1000 rds M882 9mm, 124 gr FMJ
FS: Sealed can of 5.56mm UTM MMR rounds, red
FS: Stop the 22LR gouging - flag the Walmart resell
FS: 22 LR
FS: 300AAC Blackout - 147gr, FMJ, Supersonic
FS: American Eagle .22 lr ammo
FS: .22 LR Long Rifle Federal Champion 525 ct. Valu
FS/FT: 1250 rounds of 22LR
FS: Wolf Gold Brass .223 Ammunition - 500 Rounds
FS: Free Box of Self Defense Ammo with Purchase
FS: Federal XM193F 5.56 NATO
FS: Ammo In Stock .300 Blackout / 300
FS: Pocket Pro Timer
FS/FT: 4 boxes, 300 WSM ammo