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WTB: .35 Winchester Self Loading (WSL/SLR) Ammo
FS: Winchester Black Talon 40 S&W 180gr SXT
FS: OO Buckshot 12 gauge 3" Remington
FS: 300 Win Mag
FS: Slugs 20 gauge Remington
FS: 12 guage buckshot
FS: Federal Vital Shok 300 Ultra Mag + 300 Short Ma
FS: 500 Smith and Wesson ammo
FS: 1300rds .22
FS: Winchester 9mm Black Talon
FS: 50rd Box US military WWII .38 Spl. TRACER Ammo
FS/FT: 410 and other ammo
FS: 308 tactical ammo
FS: Russian 7.62x54r silver tip ammo crate.
FS: Ammo/mag kits