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FS: 300 Win Mag Ammo
FS/FT: Trade 2000 rounds 7.62x39 for 9mm rounds
FS/FT: My 45 ammo for you 9mm ammo
FS: 22lr, 38sp, 12ga ammo
FS: Misc 3006 Ammo
FS: Case of Military 7.62x39 Yugo Brass Cased Ammun
FS/FT: 223 ammo
FS: $40
FS: 7.62x25
FS: 45 colt ammo
FS/FT: Remington L223R9 200 rd Case
FS: Wolf Military Classic 9mm Case
FS: Hornady 45colt FTX ammo
FS/FT: Hollow point 40cal ammo (159rds)