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FS: New Smith and Wesson M29 .44mag.
FS: New Smith & Wesson M640 .357mag Revolver.
FS: New Ruger LCR +P 38spl.
FS: Kimber micro 9
FS: Yugo SKS
FS: Browning BAR Grade IV 7MMAG Belgium
FS: Remington 25-06 Sendero
FS: Browning Buckmark .22
FS: **RUGER M77 .243**
FS: **Remington 870, .410**
FS: Ruger No. 1 .458 winmag
FS: Springfield Armory XDM .45ACP w/all accs, ammo
FT: Ruger lcp
FS: Mossberg 500 Mossy Oak
FS: Beretta APX 9mm