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Friday, October 31, 2014

FS/FT: Glock 21 Gen 4
FS: Remington 30.06
FS/FT: Polytech M14 .308 Rifle with Sadlak Mount & Arc
FS/FT: Calico Liberty III 9mm Seimi-Auto Pistol with 5
FS/FT: Ruger Mark III Competition Target Model .22LR S
FS: Remington 7400 in .243
FS/FT: Ruger Deerfield 44mag
FS: Carbon 15 pistol 223/5.56
FS/FT: Diamond Engagement Ring
WTB: 243 WSSM I will pay cash or trade!
FS: remington .308
FS: Sig AR 15 with ammo case extra mags and more
FS: Steyr Prohunter SBS 300win mag.
FS: Armalite AR-30
FS: Hand made gun rack