Talking Lead Podcast - Night Hunting
created: 12/16/2016 5:54 PM in NEWS

It is time for the Nordic Components’ Talking Lead Show episode: TLP 180 Night Hunting & We The People Book. Cobalt Kinetics 3 Gunner, Nick Atkinson, joins us this week with a couple of his friends, Rich & Zane, to talk about his new hunting channel on YouTube, Beast Master.  Beast Master mainly focuses on night hunts using thermal and night vision scopes but will also include day hunts.  The guys talk about some of their recent hunts and an upcoming hunt that Lefty will be joining them on.

As we mentioned in last weeks episode TLP 179 Lefthand was featured in a new book called WE THE PEOPLE by Ben Philippi.  Ben tells us about his book which he traveled all over this great nation to interview and photograph American Patriots.  Ben shares a few stories from the other people that are featured and their testaments of what the 2nd Amendment means to them.  Buy the WE THE PEOPLE book by Ben Philippi at

The Gunny brings the Talking Lead Jackwagon Train by to pick up a new batch of Jackwagons.  A Police Chief from Milwaukee makes the cut along with a couple of other well deserving soles.

Rich, with Ultimate Night Vision, has a very interesting Talking Lead Fact To Fight The Myth relating to thermal scopes.  Rich gives us one involving cattle…You don’t want to miss the FTFM segment this week.

created: 12/16/2016 5:54 PM in NEWS

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