Islamic Terror Wins in Europa
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I am, at the moment, sitting in a relatively nice hotel room in the African city of Niamey, Niger – a francophone former French West African colony in the Sahel region, where the Saharan Desert meets the jungle. Tomorrow I’ll be training Nigerien soldiers preparing to deploy in support of peace efforts for the conflict going on in neighboring Mali, which, of course, has an Islamic terror component to it. But tonight I’ve decided to turn on my dusty little TV and tune in to the only English-speaking station available, the French news outlet ‘France 24’.


Having watched for about ten minutes now, two things have failed to surprise me or even make me flinch thus far. 1) Like CNN and our other own darling fake-news Leftist media outlets in the US, ‘France 24’ is completely obsessed with President Trump, and not in a positive way. They’re obviously still crying in their Cheeri-Os over Trump pulling us out of the “Economic Suicide for America Treaty” aka Paris Climate Accord – and I’m loving every minute of it. And 2), there’s been another Islamic terror attack in the UK, this time in London, where a van full of jihadi immigrants has run down innocent people on London Bridge, and then proceeded to jump out and go on a stabbing spree. As of now it looks like there’s about 7 dead, 42 wounded. It’s been just past a week maybe since the Ariana Grande concert suicide bombing in Manchester that took the lives of 22 people, mostly young girls.


Ariana, along with her counter-terroism expert friends Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, and a few other celebrity pop singers I’ve never heard of, are holding a benefit concert where they and all the British media have declared that Love.. LOVE! will triumph over all. Their UNITY! will defeat hate. They are STRONG! They are BRAVE! And like the Care Bears cartoon that I remember from my childhood, love will shine from their tummies and defeat the terrorist threat. You see? That’s why there wasn’t a second bombing and mass murder event at Ariana’s second concert. It was all the LOVE and UNITY and STRENGTH and DIVERSITY. It wasn't the British soldiers armed with assault rifles patrolling the concert venue en masse throughout the day.. as if that’s normal. It wasn’t the massive security screenings that would rival US airport security in the days following 9/11. No no, it was all of their love and standing united.


Imagine, if you will, some pestilent disease like a new strain of the bubonic plague sweeping across modern day Europe and killing 10 people here, 100 people there, week after week, month after month. Now imagine a significant percentage of the European population standing up and proclaiming that “Love! Unity! Togetherness! Inclusion!” is the answer to defeating this plague. Forget the scientists who risk their lives in the laboratories and in the field, fighting and exposing themselves to the deadly bacteria. Forget making tough policy choices to prevent the disease from further crossing into their territory. “Our borders are open! And this makes us strong! These things will not solve the problem, in fact, fighting with new antibiotics, strict and exclusionary screening processes, and limited borders makes us LESS safe. Our love and unity is the answer. Love trumps microbes!”


As for myself, the attempt by Leftist millennial and millennial-minded drones to turn weakness into strength, sheep into sheepdogs, while declaring their own high virtue as they stand on the backs of those who actually sacrifice to give them all they have, is absolutely disgusting, pathetic, and has become too much for me to bear. It’s like someone using the drowned corpse of another person to stay afloat in the ocean, and then proclaiming with the upmost pride “I float! See how well I’ve conquered the sea!” It does not take too much listening to such a person before one begins to root for the sea, no matter how much one may despise the cold, dark waters.


As if watching the young millennials of Britain singing as they sink beneath the waves of Wahhabist Islam weren’t enough, I turned my last grain of hope for Western Europe to the political leader currently in charge of leading the UK’s exit from the European Union – Theresa May – only to watch in horror the final nail being driven into the coffin of thousands of years of European culture. Standing in front of 10 Downing Street, Prime Minister May said “enough was enough” and that there had been “far too much tolerance of extremism” in her country. Good start, though this conclusion should’ve been reached years ago. Ok, but now what would you suggest your country do about it, Theresa? Boots on the ground in Syria and Iraq? Airstrikes against ISIS leadership? Cutting ties with countries like Saudi Arabia? Reform your Russian Roulette immigration policy?


It is then that I witnessed one of the most pathetic and scary examples of political non-leadership and anti-liberty policy proposal that I’d ever seen. Instead of recommending taking the fight to the enemy, or halting Islamic immigration, for starters, May said the following:


“We cannot allow this ideology the safe space it needs to breed – yet that is precisely what the internet, and the big companies that provide internet-based services provide…We need to work with allied democratic governments to reach international agreements to regulate cyberspace to prevent the spread of extremism and terrorism planning,”


Take a moment to appreciate how unbelievably frightening and borderline traitorous this statement is. The Prime Minister of Britain, one of the birthplaces of Western culture and values, and a conservative politician no-less, not even some Leftist terrorist sympathizer like Jeremy Corbyn, has abdicated the basic and prime responsibility of her government, the defense and safety of the British people, to American tech companies in Silicon Valley. So then, this is how it’s to be. The West’s cultural suicide is to be accelerated.


Imagine a crazed captain of a small ship having all his men pale buckets of sea water INTO the ship’s hull rather than out of it. Upon noticing that the ship is sinking, he suddenly steps back and says “Wait, we have a problem here. We’re sinking!” His frightened men look up from their suicidal task with relief that there captain has come to his senses, and will surely order them to start paling the water in the other direction. The captain then says “We need bigger buckets!”


Then of course is the small matter of suggesting her government work with other democratic governments (which of course means the United States) to regulate the internet, which alongside the printing press is one of the most liberating tools ever invented in all of human history. Of course this is all to be done to protect us all from dangerous ideas, because of course we can trust government to only use this power to fight Islamic terrorism, and never anyone who dares question their power.


Today ISIS propaganda will be the target. Tomorrow? Who knows? It would appear that even today, Western European countries are more concerned, or equally concerned at best, with censoring and punishing speech coming out of so-called “far-right” groups like PEGIDA than they are with radical Islam. So, I wouldn’t trust any government in Europe or the US or anywhere else to limit their new-found power of regulating the internet to merely censoring jihadist propaganda online.


I also find it quite hilarious that May, and many others to be found across the West’s political landscape, would find any hope for an answer in defeating Islamic radicalization of young men in their societies in online censorship and internet regulation. Britain’s prison system is well known for being a radicalization and jihadi factory of sorts, so if the British government cannot even prevent or halt Islamic radicalization IN A FREAKING PRISON!!!, then how exactly do they think they can prevent it in the wilderness of a free and open internet, or even on the streets for that matter?


The only answer (in my humble opinion) is for Muslims, and only Muslims, across the globe, to engage en masse in a counter-ideology campaign that preaches some form of Islam in which punishing others for religious crimes is never an option, and religious doctrine is always and only a source to guide one’s own individual behavior. In other words – “Don’t worry about what other people say or do, worry about your own damn self, and your personal relationship with God.” I have little hope this will ever happen by the way. So it goes.


Have you begun to notice, my friends, how quickly our governments will come to the defense of the “rights” of non-citizen foreign nationals, but when it comes to YOUR rights, whether it be the freedom of speech, privacy, or the right to keep and bear arms, those in power will not hesitate for a second to put strict limitations on the rights of the very citizens who give them their power?


There is a reason for this. Advocating for the “right” of third-world foreign nationals to come to the West, or for illegal aliens to stay in the West, ultimately serves the purpose of giving more power to those already in power. These are people in desperate circumstances, and upon being granted citizenship in a Western country seem to overwhelmingly vote for those who promise them what Samual Adams called the “tranquility of servitude”, rather than the more risky “animating contest of freedom”. This, of course, is precisely what the political establishment in Western countries wants.


OUR rights – freedom of speech, expression, privacy, self-defense – not only do not work FOR the ultimate ends of those in power, but even worse for them, are antithetical to their will to power. That said, and despite the fact Theresa May wasn’t content advocating for her own citizens’ liberty to be limited, but my fellow Americans’ as well, I do not in any way shape or form believe that Prime Minister Theresa May is some closet George Soros. She is an honorable woman for sure, but in many ways that makes her statement all the worse. For if the knee jerk reaction of an honorable conservative leader in the UK is to immediately start dismembering the pillars of liberty, what hope is there?


It was then, perhaps a day or two later, I can’t remember exactly when, that I turned ‘France 24’ back on, to the news that a massive stampede of people watching a soccer game in a public square in Turin, Italy had occurred. The gathering a few thousand people in a city square in the small town in Northern Italy was supposed to be a happy occasion, with people gathered together to root for their favorite soccer team. But the night ended with over 1500 people injured, with varying degrees of severity, and thousands of peaceful Italian citizens frightened and traumatized. Luckily, no one was killed.


What caused the the large crowd to suddenly stampede and trample each other in a wave of panic and fear? A firework. A little firecracker, that’s all. Terrorism is called TERRORism for a reason, because it’s meant, ultimately, as a form of psychological warfare that strikes terror into the hearts and minds of the innocent civilian population it targets. On June 3rd, 2017, terrorism won in Turin, Italy. The Islamic State, Al Qaeda, whatever flavor of the week it’s called, struck terror into the hearts of thousands of people, and they didn’t even raise a finger. Not a dollar was spent, not a bullet was fired, not one of their fighters lost.


All the celebrities’ and pop stars’ love and unity, all of Ariana Grande’s meaningless words of love and strength, all the Leftist millennials’ pride and hubris, came to nothing. Love and unity didn’t wash over the minds of the Turin soccer fans, terror and fear and death did. Love didn’t trump hate then, and it won’t tomorrow, nor will it ever. It won’t save a single life, or secure a single concert. To say this to the Progressive millennials of Britain, and sadly the US and West in general, is to shout into the void. They have been contaminated by the Left’s secular religion of multiculturalism and so-called diversity, and they will take it to their grave. We can only hope that they don’t take us all down with them.


Europe is lost. Islamic terror has won.

Rob R. is US Army/Iraq War combat veteran and contracted military advisor to DoD and State Department missions in Sub-Saharan Africa.  When not working overseas, Rob serves as Media Director for, where he gets to combine his interests of firearms, writing, and film. He can be reached at

created: 6/10/2017 9:28 PM in NEWS

Samuel1000 commented on 8/2/2017 8:45 PM
You're right on with your article! Thank you.
ce_lloyd commented on 7/29/2017 1:28 PM
Great article. Kinda dark, fatalistic, but damn if it ain't grounded in a lot of truth. The sheeple are hell bent on lapping up the false narrative and lies of the media and hollywood types.
roarra commented on 6/17/2017 7:31 PM
aurora111 - Thank you for the comment and question. I have to also respectively disagree with you. Religion is simply an ideology that's attributed to some divine or spiritual origin. Thus, if you're not a Christian, you must admit to believe that the Bible and its ideas come not from God, but from men, men who are fallible and flawed. Likewise, if you are not Muslim, you must admit to believe that the Quran did not come from the creator of the universe, but a fallible and flawed man named Mohammed, who lived in 7th century Arabia. Men are flawed, and are not all equal, nor are the ideas they come up with. If this weren't the case, Communism and Capitalism would work equally well. They don't. To simply answer your question, "Islamic Terror" is violence committed as a direct result of Muslims fully believing in the bad ideas found in the Quran, Islamic theology, and living without exception by the example of Islam's prophet. As to violence found in Holy Books, as far as Christianity is concerned - Christ, the central figure of the faith, was a pacifist through and through. Whatever violence Christians have committed in the past, I challenge anyone to find a justification for it in the words and deeds of Jesus. This is why I wouldn't call something like the Salem witch trials an example of "Christian Terror", because Jesus Christ would never have condoned the burning of women accused of witchcraft. On the contrary, he would have intervened to save them as he did with the prostitute who he saved from being stoned to death. Regarding Judaism - while there are certainly violent stories in the Torah, the violence is most often committed by God Himself (for example - the drowning of the world in the Noah's Arc story) and the books to not give everyday men the authority to kill in the name of God. Additionally, Judaism is not a proselytizing religion that seeks to convert the world the way Islam and Christianity do, which goes a long way in tempering any violent impulse its adherents may otherwise have. While I certainly agree with you that no one should kill or be killed over such a thing as religion, I simply do not agree that we can't associate violence perpetrated in the name of Islam with Islam itself. If you were right about it being just individual acts of violence caused by some crazy person, we would expect to see the same amount terror and violence across the board in every religion. This simply isn't the case. I could name at least 20 Islamic terror organizations across the globe, off the top of my head. I can't think of a single Buddhist, Christian, Jane, Hindu, or Jewish terrorist group that has killed the amount of people Islamic groups do and have done for centuries. Lastly, I also believe your assertion that terrorists don't understand their own religion is extremely wrong and misguided. Abu Bakr Al Bagdadi (the leader of ISIS) is an Islamic scholar. The Ayatollah of Iran (who is like the pope of Shia Islam in Iran) is the one says Islam is not compatible with Western liberalism. The majority of these guys have lived, breathed, and studied the Quran since they were born. They understand their religion quite well. Many people, yourself included I imagine, simply want and wish it to be true that all religions and cultures are equal and able to coexist. I'm sorry, but it just isn't true.
Shoemanshoe commented on 6/13/2017 2:50 PM
The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.
aurora111 commented on 6/13/2017 4:11 AM
Dear Rob Please help me understand - what is Islamic terror? is there is such a thing as Christian Terror or Jewish Terror? I beg to defer. Let me firmly add, the perpetrators of terrorist criminal acts do not know nor understand religion; they are evil cowards and a hateful bunch, and most likely are not human, period. Personally, I would never associate terror with religion. If you examine the Holy Books you will find plenty of violence within, and that does not mean people should kill each other because of an story in the Bible, Torah, or Quran from 2000 years back. Plain and simple: Terror is ugly and evil - I would associate it with the individual committing it rather than associate it with a whole bunch of people that have nothing to do with it, and in fact stand against it. Respectfully,
Stone11c commented on 6/12/2017 10:36 PM
Unfortunately it will all most likely end with a lot of violence involving a great many people. The world's Islamic population will NEVER clean up its' own mess so the problem will continue to metastasize as so-called "world leaders" abdicate thier absolute responsibility until an event or series of events results in so much fear and blood that people who don't wear green or blue start pulling triggers. Here's hoping someone, anyone, gets thier heads out of asses and ACTS to prevent such an outcome and the resulting repercussions...
Johnny_B commented on 6/12/2017 7:40 AM
You are completely correct sir. I really do feel bad for our brothers and sisters in Europe, but they brought this upon themselves.
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