The V2 No Print Wonder from Clinger Holsters
created: 3/31/2017 7:13 PM in GEAR

Clinger Holsters was nice enough to send us a pre-release version of their update to the No Print Wonder, the V2, for one of the more popular CCW choices on the market, the Glock 19.

Like the original No Print Wonder, it uses their patent-pending "Cling Tab" technology which uses Kydex on one tab, and flexible leather on the other.  This lends itself to a holster that truly makes your concealed carry weapon of choice cling to your body, minimizing printing, and maximizing comfort.  The kydex tab acts as a lever for your belt, pulling your weapon closer into your body, while the leather tab flexes with movement along your waistline.

Another nice feature of the original No Print Wonder is the ability to adjust the level of retention on your weapon, simply by turning the retention screw to tighten or loosen the holster's grip on your handgun.

Now, let's get to what's new in the V2 No Print Wonder:

The V2 has a higher sight channel to accommodate even taller aftermarket sights.  On my G19, I have XS Big Dot night sights.  I've run into, on occasion, a few holsters that only accomodate the factory sights on my G19.  The higher sight channel on the V2 No Print Wonder ensured that the XS Big Dots made no contact with the holster whatsover (see pic below).

The kydex was extended a touch to make a covered mag release to prevent accidental mag drops.  Never happened to me, but a welcome upgrade to the original.
The V2 also has a wider flared opening for easier re-holstering, which extends above the belt line to keep a slim profile.

My personal favorite part about the V2 No Print Wonder is that it can basically be converted into Clinger's Stingray holster.  Clinger's Stingray holster is their most compact design for maximum concealment, and uses a single plastic clip which can be adjusted for a cant of 0 or 15 degrees.  For my use, this brought the V2 into it's own.  I've never been a fan of dual clip holsters, as they're just not very comfortable on my build.  Carrying my G19 in the V2 with the Stingray clip was more than certainly the most comfortable and simplist way to carry with this particular holster.

The gun model is imprinted on the inside of the holster.  A simple addition, but for the lot of us that have multiple CCW options and holsters, this is a welcome touch.
So, is the V2 No Print Wonder a winner?  At $69.99 with a no-risk guarantee (Full refund in two weeks if you don't like it, no questions asked) and a lifetime warranty, I'd say so, especially in the Stingray configuration.  For some reason, the dual tab configurtion just doesn't mesh well with my build, but your experience may differ depending on your height, weight, and build.

Andrew V. is a lifetime firearms enthusiast who, following a brief stint in real estate investment and management, decided to pursue his dream of working in the firearms industry.  Andrew now serves as Advertising Account Director for  He can be reached at
created: 3/31/2017 7:13 PM in GEAR

~_Archangel_~ commented on 4/10/2017 2:36 AM
I am REALLY Thinking of one for my 19 ,However I am really looking for one for my G-26 with the XD sites. that is my Go to Wpn on most id say 90-95% of my jobs is what I carry. Do you have or are any coming down the pipe. if so, Please let know and I will purchess both. Thank you for your time on this question... Respectifully; Kevin "Archangel" Braziel... (Contact) +
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