DPMS LR-308 w/ JP Rifles Barrel/ Magpul PRS 
Action: Semi Auto
Capacity: 20rds
Barrel: 20 inch 11.25 Twist
Condition: Very Good

Here we have your not-so-run of the mill DPMS LR308, decked out in some of the best parts the shooting industry has to offer! JP Rifles is  known for making parts for some of the best competetive shooters from PRS to 3 Gun matches they can be seen on many professionals rifles. Even some police departments outfit their rifles with JP Rifles barrels. The Magpul PRS stock gives you the ultimate fit to your rifle so that you length of pull is JUST right! You wont find a package like this on a hardly fired rifle for this price ever! At over $700 off what it would take to build this gun at MSRP! Thats enough money saved to buy an atlas bipod and over a thousand rounds of match grade ammunition! Comes with a 20rd Mag and Soft Case.