A stunner. Master Engraved by Texan David Wade Harris, Early Light Weight Colt Commander Series 70 in .45 ACP. 4.25 Inch barrel. One of my favorite Colts and a rare find. The CLW prefix on the seriel number is your clue you have the real deal. Engraver David Wade Harris from Texas created this beautiful masterpiece for a wealthy Texas oilman client and spared no expense in doing so. 100% engraved in his masterful fashion with carved Elephant Ivory grips done in the Old West Long Horn Steer pattern with real Red Ruby Eyes . This is the ultimate Barb B Que gun to be worn and shown only on dress up occasions. (whatever that is) The intricate carved steel sparkles in the light yet still will launch the deadly .45 ACP reliably as needed.
I have to admit Im a total sucker for these engraved Colts , especially with Real Ivory grips.
MN Buyers need MN State ID and permit.
Out of MN residents pay $30 shipping to local FFL for transfer.
Thanks for your interest.