This is our HK53 clone, cal. 5,56 Nato.

This gun is sold but you can contact us to build one on order. Feel free to contact us for details on the build. 

This is a clone of the gun was developed by HK for the Nato special forces after long request for a rifle caliber gun in subchinegun length.

It is technically a 5,56 rifle in mp5 length.

This gun has been installed a brace and registered as a pistol to comply with current Federal laws and regulations.

We manufacture the receiver and install a new 8.3" RCM US Made barrel (original barrels cannot be imported anymore). The we use original HK bolt and carrier , original trunnion.

The gun is tested for reliability, then finished in KG Kote HK Black and tested again for at least a magazine. For this reason you can be sure you will have a gun working out of the box.

we also install a folding brace to reduce the total length and get a numble weapons. This gun is ideal as a truck gun because of its short length and registration as a pistol.

Each gun has paddle magazine lever installed, exactly like the original.
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This gun will be problem free and perfectly reliable out of the box because we walk the extra mile of testing the gun before shipping it.

We don't offload reliability problems on our customers, we solve them before selling the gun.

We are a small gunsmith building these guns one by one.

If you want a gun built on order for you please contact us at 832-542-1587 or . We can build all HK clones (MP5.- HK33 - HK53 - HK5q all lenghts) , alla Stens, Mac10 and Mac 11 - All UZIs (pistols and rifle version).

See our site to see some of our tests and products on sale.