This is a clone of the MP5 original lenght gun.
We build this gun starting from the receiver, we build it and install a RCM 8.5" 9mm. fluted barrel (The best available on the market today) and all original or license HK parts (bolt , tube etc.) to have a HK clone perfectly compatible with the original.
Then we test the gun for at least two magazines and we finish it with KG Kote HK Flat black (other finishes available on order).
The we test the gun again to have a gun which will shoot out of the box.

Each gun has paddle mag installed exactly like the original.

This gun is manufactured to be realible like the original HK but affordable.

Our price beats our nearest competitor clone of at least $350 and we use original HK parts not copy parts manufactured by others.
See some our tests on our site ( and our Youtube channel ( or Facebook page (

This gun will be problem free and perfectly reliable out of the box because we walk the extra mile of testing the gun before shipping it.

We don't offload reliability problems on our customers, we solve them before selling the gun.

We are a small gunsmith building these guns one by one.

If you want a gun built on order for you please contact us at 832-542-1587 or . We can build all HK clones (MP5.- HK33 - HK53 - HK5q all lenghts) , alla Stens, Mac10 and Mac 11 - All UZIs (pistols and rifle version).

See our site to see some of our tests and products on sale.