We have built this clone of the MP5 Carbine (HK93) 9 mm. cal. starting with an original HK parts set. We fabricated and welded the receiver , installed trunnion and barrel and an HK original bolt and carrier.
THis gun has an original leth 8.5" RCM barrel new in box and a new HK bolt and carrier.
This gun is registered as a rifle due to the flash hider compensator which brings the barrel length to 16" simulating a suppressor.
Uses original 9mm magazines or good aftermarket (Korean).
After assembly the gun is test fired 50 rounds then finished in HK Black KG oO
Cote and test fired to ascertan perfect reliability.
This gun will shoot out of the box and is perfectly compatible ewitj original HK parts.
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This gun will be problem free and perfectly reliable out of the box because we walk the extra mile of testing the gun before shipping it.

We don't offload reliability problems on our customers, we solve them before selling the gun.

We are a small gunsmith building these guns one by one.

If you want a gun built on order for you please contact us at REDACTED or REDACTED . We can build all HK clones (MP5.- HK33 - HK53 - HK5q all lenghts) , alla Stens, Mac10 and Mac 11 - All UZIs (pistols and rifle version).

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