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Vintage Swedish 8 mm mauser from the 1950's with a  Barrel length of 24" The wood stock is from the hardwood beach. It has a few dings here and there from hunting. Overall condition is very good for it's age. Bore and blueing are good with some light blueing fade. There is no rust or pitting on this Rifle!.  World Class Tasco 3x9x40 Scope delivers accuracy out to 800 yards.  Hate to see this one go! Good Mausers are getting harder to find!    

Hey You Gun Guru,s Compare the ballistics between 8 mm .30/06, and 308. 

Make it comparable to be fair, so that handload will compete pretty favorably with both the .308 and .30-06. Where the 8x57 (8 MM) will usually out perform the 30-06 is with the heavier caliber bullets. Typical barrel twist rates for 8mm Mausers is faster than the .308 or 30-06 which also helps to stabilize the really heavy bullets. Usually you only see 220 grain bullets in the .300 magnums, whereas the 8mm can handle bullets that heavy quite well.  Good bye Elk, right in the freezer. 

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