Huge Firearms accessories business lot, including AMMO! MSRP worth over $40,000. 99% of items are BRAND NEW.

  • AMMO LOT! Almost 400 boxes of multiple calibers, .40SW, 45ACP, 380ACP, .38 Special, 30-06, 308, 45LC. Hornady Self Defense XTP! PMC, S&B, FEDERAL, and others. No 9mm or 223. Get it before the price goes up!
  • Military T-Shirts (over 20) (7.62 Design premium company)
  • Bipods (over 20) (Caldwell, Champion, Canis Latrans)
  • Cleaning kits & supplies (over 50 pieces) (Allen, Hoppes, Etc…)
  • Grips (over 20 pieces) (Sig Sauer, Canis Latrans)
  • Holsters, (Blackhawk Carbon fibers, fobus, galco, sig tac, etc… over 120 pieces)
  • Knives (over 20)
  • Lasers (over 50) (Vector Optics, Sig Sauer)
  • Magazines (over 90) (Magpul, Promax, FN, Sig Sauer, Many other brands)
  • Optics & Scopes (over 35) (Bushnell, Vector Optics)
  • Vests & Pouches (over 35) (King Tactical)
  • Rails (over 125) (Vector Optics)
  • Safes & gun hangers (over 8 pieces) (gun storage solutions)
  • Targets (over 350) (Law Enforcement Targets)

Well over 1,400 pieces of stock inventory.  PLUS many, many extras of other things will be thrown in. (Many expensive leather holster, parts and pieces of misc things.)

Visual inspection of merchandise available before purchase of course. (Small shop.)

Can possibly work in a firearm or two. REDACTED