This is a high quality, aluminum muzzle brake compensator.  It is made in the USA (Minnesota actually).

Features include:

    .40 Cal
    threaded for 9/16"-24 tpi right handed threads
    Held on with (2) #6-32 socket head cap screws to Clamp onto the barrel threads, easy on, easy off.
    COUNTERBORED: this feature on the slide facing side lets the brake get closer to the slide to make the gap smaller!
    width is sized to match the Glock 22/23/24/27 (1.00" wide - measure yours to see if it will match)
    flush with the top of the glock slide
    distance (or gap) from the front of the slide depends on your particular barrel but is reduced by up to 3/16" because of the Counterbore.
    add roughly 0.89" to the length of the barrel (however far out yours sticks)
    Made of 6061 Aluminum
    Anodized black or grey, hard coat type III
This reduces felt recoil for competition, or duty.  Works better with higher grain/higher power loads (they have more gas to push back against the brake with).  In some cases, very light gamer loads will not cycle the action unless springs are changed out.

Set screws are tightened with a 3/32" allen wrench.  When tightened down the tops of the allen screws are below flush with the side of the compensator.  On screws this small about 10 inch pounds is all the tighter you want to get them.

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