Have you ever stared longingly at Glock's? Lightweight, striker fired, supremely reliable, but alas! You are plagued with hands that are too small to properly grip and function a double stack handgun without adjusting your grip! Oh the shame... Well, not only do I personally know the pain of having the hands of a large seven year old girl scout, but I have an answer for your horrible, incurable condition. May I introduce the Glock 43X. Glocks premiere, SINGLE STACK, nine millimeter, sidearm. This is a brand new handgun and also comes with the Ameriglow, night sights. Don't ask what the X stands for, because not even Glock knows (Probably X-TREME, or something wizard like that{The slide is about 20mm shorter than the 48}). Released at ShotSHOW not too long ago this handgun has just hit the market and they are selling fast, so come on down to Capital Pawn and take a gander at it, and our selection of over three hundred firearms.