We now offer firearms appraisals for individual guns or collections.

Why would you need an appraisal from a Certified Firearms Appraiser(CFA)?

1.  Auction / Resale
     If you want to sale your firearms you need to know what fair market value is so that they can bring a fair price.

2. Tax Purposes: 
    The IRS requires that guns that are a significant part of an estate be appraised for tax purposes. The same goes for collections of guns that are being donated to a museum, foundation, or non-profit as a tax deduction.

3. Divorce:
    In divorce cases the firearms owned will often have to be valued to split up the assets. 
4. Bankruptcy: 
    In the case of bankruptcies firearms are considered part of an individual’s net worth, a certain amount of which if properly documented they may get to keep.

5. Estate:
    Surviving spouses or their children need to know the fair market value of the collection before sale. When an estate valuation is necessary it is often required that a qualified expert opinion be made on the value of the estate or a portion or components of the estate. The appraisal is necessary to establish estate tax liability for trust purposes.

6. Insurance Purposes: 
    Insurance evaluation can be necessary before a policy is written or changed. The insurance company will need a value of the firearm to be insured to help in determining premiums and replacement cost.

 We are also a licensed Class III Manufacture and dealer so we can take in any class III item(Machine Guns etc...) for appraisal. We can travel if necessary. If you have any questions give us a call @ (910)709-3950 or reply.