Texas Silencer Company Hunter .308 Rifle Silencer

ALL NFA RULES AND REGULATIONS APPLY.  Buyer pays sales tax as well as the $200 NFA tax.  No trades. 


Once you hunt with it, you'll never hunt without it.


Easy to use, easy to afford, and tough to break, the HUNTER is built from the ground up to specifically serve the needs of the American hunter and percision shooter.


The HUNTER has been carefully designed and CNC machined to a degree of precision that exceeds aerospace industry levels in order to tighten the groups, reduce the recoil, and increase the velocity of any rifle it is attached to.


What's In The Box

  • HUNTER .308 Caliber Rifle Silencer with .308 end cap.
  • An additional end cap in .223 caliber.
  • Owner's manual
  • Canvas carrying case
  • End cap wrench