Low serial number "1617" produced in 1850, this Colt 1851 Navy revolver remains in its original Colt Factory made case with all accessories. Bullet mold , Powder Flask, Primer caps, and nipple wrench. Wood Case remains in excellent condition with Brass corners and lock complete with its key. This Colt After the Civil war, was returned to Colt and converted for use with .38 centerfire ammunition for the Navy using the Richards-Mason system.
After the expiration of the Rollin White Patent (Apr. 3, 1869), a number the Colt 1851 Navy Revolvers were converted or newly made to fire .38 rimfire or centerfire cartridges, the Colt Model 1851  Richards- Mason Conversion by the Colt factory. The top of the barrel has the one-line New York City address, The frame has the two-line 1871 and 1872 patent marking and traces of the original "COLT PATENT" marking. The matching full serial number is on the major parts. The cylinder is also numbered "1617"
The revolver remains in excellent condition with beautiful original grained grips. Much of the Nickel finish remains on frame,grip frame and barrel 70% or better. finish loss on the cylinder with gray patina and partial faint scene on cylinder remaining. Bore is very good with strong rifling.
Antique Firearm; No form 4473 or transfer required. Can be shipped to address.
Shipping is $50. Insurance strongly suggested.