NEW Kahr CW380 Semi Auto Pistol .380 ACP 2.58" Barrel 6 Rounds Matte Stainless Steel Slide Polymer Frame Black Carbon Fiber Finish

 Kahr Arms

The Kahr CW380 is an outstanding choice for concealed carry. The Kahr CW380 represents one of the very best choices when deep concealment is called for, offering a lightweight, diminutive dimensioned semi chambered in a legitimate defensive round. This pistol is also ideal for ankle and pocket carry! The Kahr CW380 represents the pinnacle of evolution for concealed carry permit holders balancing both conceal-ability and stopping power. Don't be one of the permit holders that only carries the license pick up a Kahr CW380 today and carry with confidence and ease.

Specifications and Features:
Kahr CW380 Semi Auto Pistol CW3833BCF
.380 ACP 
2.58" Barrel 
6 Rounds 
Polymer Frame
Matte Stainless Steel Slide Finish
Double Action Only Trigger 
Browning Type Recoil Lug 
Passive striker Block
Overall Length 4.96" 
Overall Height 3.9" 
Overall Width .75" 
Overall Weight 10.2 oz
Black Carbon Fiber Print on Frame