Directly from the manufacturing company in Bulgaria to the customers in the USA! No middlemen, so we can offer those incredible price! 


This is a unique wood stock option for the AKM or AK-74. It is precisely machined from beech wood and finished to a beautiful blond color.

The butt stock has a narrower waist than the standard AKM wood butt stock. Its shape closely resembles the polymer butt stock as used on the AK-74. The result is a more natural and comfortable grip when installed. It has a solid steel stamped and ribbed butt plate to meet military specifications. It has the sling swivel mounted on the side to prevent the rifle from twisting when carried on the sling. It has the groove cut in the side as is used on the AK-74.

The lower hand guard has a unique shape that mimics the configuration of the AK-74 pattern hand guard, but with the grip swells resolved to a diamond shape instead of rounded. It is cut for the steel barrel bushing.

The upper hand guard is the standard straight pattern, and is cut for the steel upper hand guard spring.
This is a beautiful wood stock set, and is produced to a higher standard than any military -issue set. 

Craftsmen who make those stock sets have many years experience manufacturing AK type rifles in Bulgaria. The dimensions are taken from original Soviet and Bulgarian documentation. There are many AK rifles sold in the USA. Your rifle may need some small fitting.

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