Own this piece of history, a UZI SMG clone SMG remanufactured by us starting from an original UZI full auto SMG parts kit.
How we build it: we start from a full auto UZI SMG parts kit. We make the receiver and install new barrel, a new semiauto bolt and all new springs.
This UZI SMG clone will give you the experience of a real military gun (on some guns we were able to save the original Israeli markings) and will work prefectly will original UZI magazines.
This gun has been modified to shoot onl in semiauto mode (as by law) and has been registered as a pistol: this means that you can convert it to a rifle simply installing a rifle barrel (6") and the original stock (rifle conversion kit, $250 not included).
This gun has exactly the same taste of the original; shooting it you will feel the heavy bolt moving back and forth during fire, exactly like the original SMG.

Guns ship with one original magazine, more available in the same gun tone ($20).
After assembling and testing this gun has been parkerized and finished with Duracoat black parkerizing replicator to obtain a perfect protection and a finish identical to the original military gun.

Warranty service one year.

Visit our site INTERFOR.US for more pictures and details.