The 44US target trainer was designed exclusively for the War Department and intended solely for the use of US Armed Forces. Initially, the No. 4 receiver peep sight was rejected by the Ordnance Corps and the first contract of 14,500 rifles were made in early 1943 with the Lyman 57MS(Mossberg/Stevens) receiver sight and the plain S-122 front sight with globe. Unit cost on these rifles was $16.65 each. Harold Mossberg designed the new S-100 receiver sight which replaced the Lyman for the remainder of production (57,128 rifles) at a cost of $14.65 each. Total production of the 44US was 71,628 rifles through March, 1945. Mossberg was assigned a block of serial numbers from 100,001 to 180,000. You rarely see an example today with the front sight cover as the little locking tabs were prone to fail after repeated removal/installation. The stocks were nearly all Beech stained with walnut stain and finished with raw Linseed oil. this rifle was built for the military in 1944. 
The blued finish is in 90% or better condition with all marking crisp. The stock is in very good condition with some use marks and wear. Leather military type sling with swivels.
MN buyer needs MN state ID and completre form 4473
Out of MN residents pay $40 shipping to local FFL for transfer.