We build the replica of this WW2 legend. Semi automatic and based on ATF authorized design. Barrel lenght 5" , registered as a pisto, can be legally converted to a rifle changing to a 16" barrel and attaching a stock (see ATF regulation here: https://www.atf.gov/firearms/qa/can-i-lawfully-make-pistol-rifle-without-registering-firearm) with a kit sold separately.
The gun is assembled froma an original STEN MK2 parts kit, with a new bolt, new barrel and new semiauto system.
We also added a Shockwave brace system to make it as similar a splegally possible to the original, and added two rails (one over the receiver the other under the front) to mount red dots, laser and torches for nigh shooting.
After tests the gun is parkerized and finished in Duracoat olive green.
This gun has been tested 3 times during building and will shoot out of the box with extreme reliability.
Three days no shoot return time, complete warranty for one year since purchase.

Comes with two original magazines in the same finish.