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The new DD WAVE 7.62 sound suppressor’s advanced cascading baffle geometry more effectively attenuates sound than simpler baffle styles. The DD WAVE’s unique one-piece, 3D-printed Inconel baffle/tube eliminates the need for welds—typically the weakest points of a traditional suppressor—providing unmatched strength and durability. Our ACME Thread Quick-Clamping System won’t carbon lock, and securely clamps the suppressor to a 17-4 PH stainless steel muzzle device, making it easy to remove even after extended use. Constructed of Inconel, stainless steel, and titanium—and then Cerakote coated—the DD WAVE 7.62 is fiercely strong yet lightweight, making it durable, and reliable for full auto use.
One-piece 3D-Printed Inconel baffle/tube for superior strength
Advanced cascading baffle geometry effectively attenuates sound
Contains no welds, typically the weakest point of a suppressor
Inconel, stainless steel, & titanium construction for durability
Reinforced blast chamber for maximum life cycle
Acme thread quick-clamping system. Does not carbon lock. Patent Pending
Easy to lock & unlock suppressor. No tools required
Designed for full-auto use
1/2x28(5.56mm) configuration
Made in USA

SKU: 06-140-12049-006
UPC: 818773020251