This is the most beautiful shotgun we’ve ever had in the shop. To replicate this shotgun today by a master engraver/ builder would undoublably cost $15,000-$20,000. Every inch if this shotgun is intricately and methodically thought out to truly be a functional work of art. Handbuilt by early Bohemian artisan W. Strunz of Tachau somewhere around 1830-1850 for someone of high social stature. The 24kt gold inlays adorn the engravings that picture a fawn growing up into a stag. Between the hammers is a portrait of what I’ve been told is the person who commissioned the shotgun, and he looks dashing in his knickers. The action is 16 gauge lefaucheux, barrels are fine Damascus steel and the trigger guard is hand carved from bone! The action and takedown are extremely precise as if it were made yesterday. Five photos aren’t enough to show everything on this gorgeous shotgun. Available to view by appointment at the Armory. Serious Inquiries ONLY!