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12ga 1-3/4″ 5/8oz 1200fps Buck

Aguila Minishell shotshells are only 1-3/4″ long, and greatly increase the capacity of pump-action shotguns. They work great in Winchester 1300 shotguns, though other pump guns may not cycle reliably without modification. Perfect for use as low-recoil ammunition for single-shot or double guns as well. This particular load features a combination of #4 and #1 shot.


– Gauge: 12 Gauge
– Shell Length: 1 3/4″
– Shot Size: #1 and #4 Buck
– Crimp: 6 Point Star
– Number of Pellets: 11
– Shot or Slug Type: Lead Shot
– NonToxic: No
– Buffered: No
– Primer: Boxer
– Corrosive: No
– Reloadable: Yes
– Barrel Type: Smooth Bore
– Quantity: 20 Rounds

Ballistic Information:

– Muzzle Velocity: 1200 fps

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