NEW Colt 6951 Semi Auto Rifle 9mm Luger 16" Lightweight Barrel 32 Rounds Polymer Handguards M4 Collapsible Stock Black AR6951


The Colt 9mm Submachine Gun (SMG) is a legend in law enforcement, and special military community. Now you can own the civilian version Colt AR6951 semi automatic carbine rifle. The Colt AR6951 is the first choice in 9mm AR type rifle featuring a 32 round capacity, a familiar manual of arms from the AR-15, and nearly unlimited amount of accessories. It is very clear why Colt's AR6951 is the most popular 9mm AR carbine on the market today.

Specifications and Features
Colt AR6951 Semi Auto Carbine AR6951
9mm Luger (9x19mm Parabellum)
16.1" Light profile barrel
1:10 Right hand twist
32 round capacity
Black anodized finish
Flat top upper receiver
Multi-position M4 Stock
A2 Front sight tower
Magpul MBUS folding rear sight
A2 flash hider
Bayonet lug
Ejection port cover
Cartridge case deflector
Overall length 31.5" collapsed / 35" extended
Overall Weight 6.37 lbs