The Interfor IF-5 pistol is a clone of the most famous HK MP-5 submachine gun, made famous by the British S.A.S. In operation “Nimrod”, the assault on the Iranian Embassy in London of 5 May 1980 (see here :




9mm. Caliber pistol

Shockwave folding brace with folding adapter

Original military issue parts kit with


new 9mm RCM Barrel

new POF complete bolt and carrier

original military issued trigger housing and trigger pack (both modified as by ATF specifications)

Interfor new receiver fabricated from a flat

one korean magazine (actually tested on the firearm) - spares available for $30 just make us at the order.

VISM Tactical bag

Duracoat HK RAL8000 / Dark green finish that will last a lifetime. Ral 8000 is the most recent finish issued by HK ontheir MP5 in the MLI (Mid Life Improvement) version introduced at Shot Shoe 2013.

This gun s not an original HK, but is as close as possible (read civilian legal) clone pf the original MP-5 and is built with the maximun diligence and accuracy.

It is much more akin to the real gun than other industrial offers today available on the market.


Interfor USA Group is a small Houston based armory entering the market after one and half years of experimenting, specialized in the civilian legal conversion of military firearms.

We will introduce other firearm models in the next future, all rebuilt for military parts kit and been unavailable on the US market since the nineties.

All our guns are throughly tested shooting a total of two magazines, during the assembly phase and before the final finish, to make sure that will shoot right out of box. No bad surprises, no hassles.

Ships free to any FFL. No sales to California or where prohibited by law.


Three day “no shoot” return policy, after that we will warranty the firearm for one year.


Feel free to ask any questions.



spare magazine $30

railed handguard (black anodized) $50


Please note:this is not an Heckler & Koch product and reference t it is only to be intended as an indication to the firearm typology of roller delayed blowback firearms.