Due to scammers, and the high cost of shipping all deals will have to be face to face here in Phoenix.

I have a W I D E  variety of Dillon's fine reloading equipment for sale. Everything is in top notch condition!

To tell you the truth I'm starting to feel like a grocery store, things are flying off the shelves. Dillon has a massive back order situation on their hands due to the sales volume lately.

This ad reflects the current state of my inventory as of  0800  10/17/2020.

If it's listed in the ad I still have it. NO NEED TO ASK. If you do ask I'll assume you're just lonely and collecting email addresses.

I have a JUST refurbished by Dillon XL 650. This is now in PERFECT condition. It's got a roller handle, and case feeder with a powder check as well. Currently setup with Dillon 9mm carbide dies and the small pistol case feed plate. They literally don't make 'em like this anymore. $1200

 I have XL 650-750 quick changes available. They include tool head, powder measure/die and tool head stand. $120.

 Due to the heavy volume of sales lately I may not have your prefered caliber conversion kit in stock. If I don't I will discount your XL 650 $75. If I don't have "your" case feed plate I'll take off $35.

 I've got presses/scales/tumblers/dies/manuals and pretty much everything you would need to get into reloading.

 I  have some caliber conversion kits for the XL 650 and several for the RL 550. 

  Let me know what you would like to reload and I'll come up with a customized bundle for you at a price you will like