NEW GLOCK 29 Gen4 10mm Auto Semi Auto Pistol, 3.77" Barrel 10 Rounds, Black

The new Gen4 pistols include a modular backstrap system that allows a shooter to tailor the rough textured grip of the pistol to their hand size for optimal ergonomics. GLOCK also introduced a reversible magazine catch on the Gen4 pistols, now right and left-hand shooters can enjoy the pistol as Gaston Glock envisioned. To tame the recoil of the powerful 10mm cartridge, GLOCK has introduced a dual recoil spring system that significantly increases the service life of the pistol. 

Specifications and Features:
GLOCK PG29502 
GLOCK 29 Gen4 
10mm Auto 
3.77" Barrel 
10 Rounds 
9.84" twist 
10 round capacity 
Rough texture frame
Replaceable backstraps 
"Safe Action" trigger system 
Polymer frame 
Fixed sights 
Loaded chamber indicator 
GLOCK accessory rail 
6.88" overall length 
4.45" tall 
1.27" wide 
5.5 lbs. trigger pull 
26.83 oz