Brand new, Sig Sauer P320 Subcompact Nitron 9mm. Striker-fired with night sights.
$499+tax. Local KS buyer must be over 21, fill out a Form 4473 and pass a background check. Will ship to an out-of-state FFL for $20.

Introducing the P320 Subcompact, a pistol that defies comparison with revolutionary features that stand alone. A smooth, consistent trigger pull. Safe, tool-free disassembly. A proper fit for any hand size—no backstrap required. Consider the mold broken.

Safety isn’t negotiable. The P320 maximizes peace of mind with a robust safety system. Never again will you need to pull the trigger to disassemble your pistol. And, while available as an option, you won’t need a tabbed trigger safety for your gun to be drop safe.