Register now for Eastern North Carolina's Number One Concealed Carry Course. As Concealed Carry-Handgun instructors, we prepare our students to defend themselves against a physical attack. But what about the legal attack that so often follows? In today's world, you can be arrested, jailed, sued, fired, discharged under ‘Other than Honorable’ (OTH Good of Service) conditions, and bankrupted, even when you have justifiably used a firearm in self-defense. If you had to use deadly force at home, at work, or on the road when travelling, two fights are sure to ensue; the gun fight and the legal fight sure to follow. That's why you must carefully choose a concealed carry training course. Attend a PatriotTAC Training course to learn all you can about the U.S. Criminal Justice system, the courts, and what you should expect to happen if you use deadly force. You can benefit from the decades of real-world experience, training, and education of our instructors. PatriotTACs instructors deliver both the training and the education you will need in order to stand a chance of winning the legal fight. Learn how to prepare to defend yourself twice – first against the physical attack and second against the legal attack. Patriot Training and Consulting is the only training company in Eastern North Carolina that provides complete legal training for armed self-defense. Do not attend a concealed carry class just to obtain the requisite certificate; choose your course carefully. At PatriotTAC, you will become prepared for the aftermath of an armed self-defense incident. Protect yourself and those you care about as well as our Second Amendment rights by becoming educated in the legal aspects of concealed carry. Register to attend one of PatriotTACs one day concealed carry handgun courses. Go to for course dates and locations.