NEW GLOCK 42 Semi Automatic Pistol .380 ACP 3.25" Barrel 6 Rounds Polymer Frame Black Finish UI4250201

Introducing the newest member to the GLOCK family of Striker Fired Semi Automatic Pistols, the highly anticipated GLOCK 42 has finally arrived. The GLOCK 42 is chambered in the versatile .380 ACP which has been well known to be a reliable and accurate self defense round. This sub compact GLOCK has all of the reliability and durability that made them famous world wide, but chambered in a softer recoiling caliber. Pick up the newest member of the GLOCK family today and rediscover the fantastic .380 ACP.

Specifications and Features:
GLOCK 42 Semi Automatic Pistol 
.380 ACP 
3.25" Barrel 
6 Rounds 
Polymer Frame 
Black Finish
5.94" Overall Length 
4.13" Height 
.94" Width 
13.76 oz
Striker Fired Trigger 
5.5 lbs Trigger Pull
Right hand hexagonal rifling
1:9.84" Twist