Make: 1943 Tula Mosin Nagant PU sniper

Model: Mosin 91/30 PU Sniper

Caliber: 7.62x54R

Location : will meet within 25mile radius of zip 54956 (Neenah WI)

Price: $1900 (will ask to sign a Bill of Sale) CASH.
when contacting me via email, make sure to include your telephone number so I can call you, and that does not mean Nigeria or Eastern Europe.  This is a Face to Face sale.

This is a very unusual and rare rig.

a) 1943 Tula PU sniper. it is a Molot import and as such was refurbished in Russia.
b) 1943 Yoshkar-Ola terrific PU scope, matches the rifle/scope serial. Molot imports got a scope serial number on the barrel shank.
c) mount is a typical Izzy arsenal replacement, electropenciled serial number to match scope.
d) What is VERY UNIQUE about this: unlike your typical PU snipers with crossed out serial numbers - this one actually has original and matching numbers. Again, it has a very unusually high number of original parts, and is streets ahead of all the normal scrubbed/reblued/restamped PUs on the market
e) terrific stock, as always shellac covered.
f) comes with a custom and modeled after M/28 Finn trigger ('Finn Two Stage'), original trigger is included, no modifications needed, just a swap.
g) typical oil bottle and kit is included as well as an ammo pouch.
h) it wears a Navy sling - I will include it as well.
i) it will come with a scope cover - original and great condition.
j) slot escutcheons are Late/Post War type and is correct for the later 1943 91/30 stocks.
k) another unusual and peculiar thing, is the mount screw which is muzzle facing - its slightly larger compared to the tang facing one - appears that it was retapped and arsenal replaced (original must of been marginal or stripped) - this is very uncommon and a neat and uniqe feature.
l) I am original owner since it got here to the States.
m) bore, crown/muzzle are terrific ( best group was just over 1/2" at 100m with my handloads; 7n1 and Match Extra (10rds of each) were not quite as good as handloads but still just under 1" at 100m bench).