Cold Steel Super Edge / Magazine Combination Holster with Ulticlip 3

Do you want to carry a Cold Steel Super Edge? Do you carry a spare mag? Are you tired of all the clutter on your belt? Well then we have the answer for you, presenting our new Cold Steel / Bodyguard 380 Magazine Combination Holster. Shrink down the amount of stuff you carry on your reaction side by combining the two things that you always carry and streamlining your carry package.

The Super Edge is a rugged little workhorse that can cut through tough materials that would make a bigger knife choke! It's diminutive size make it a perfect “EDC” choice. Blade Length is 2” and the Handle is 2 5/16" Long Kray-Ex™.

Available in left or right reaction side (Opposite your carry side). For reference all pictures are of the left reaction side holster.

These are cost effective high quality Kydex holsters made here in North Carolina.

Fits the Cold Steel Super Edge and the Smith & Wesson BG380 M&P 380 Factory OEM Magazine.

Listing includes the Cold Steel Super Edge and Galloway Precision Holster with Ulticlip 3.