NEW GLOCK 30 Gen4 .45 ACP Semi Auto Pistol, 3.77" Barrel 10 Rounds, Black


There is nothing quite like packing a GLOCK chambered in the hard hitting .45 ACP. The compact and concealable GLOCK 30 Gen 4 semi-auto pistol is exactly what you are looking for when it comes to big bore performance in a small, lightweight package. GLOCK was able to stuff ten rounds of the man stopping .45 ACP into the subcompact pistol while retaining a form factor that will melt into just about any clothing with a good holster. 

The improvements with the Gen 4 upgrade adds some welcome changes to the ultra reliable pistol. A new rough texture is applied to the grip of the pistol so that you will have a good grip on the pistol regardless of how slippery your hands are from sweat, mud or even blood. GLOCK even added a replaceable backstrap system that helps fit the pistol to your hand as well as a reversible magazine catch so left handed shooters can enjoy the pistol just as much as Gaston Glock envisioned. 

Specifications and Features:
GLOCK PG3050201
GLOCK 30 Gen 4 
.45 ACP 
3.77" Barrel 
10 Rounds 
Polymer Frame 
Black Finish
6.88" Overall Length 
4.8" Overall Height 
1.27" Overall Width 
26.3 oz
5.5 lbs Trigger Pull 
Striker Fired Trigger 
Right hand octagonal barrel rifling 
1:15.75 Twist