Got out of reloading! Cleaning out the safe! Please check out this
Assorted LOT of Primers as follows... 


Winchester Primers: WLR          (1700+)
                                                WSP            ( 700)
Federal: No. 155 Mag Lg Pistol  (1000)
                   No. 210M Lg Rifle BR      (70+)
CCI:    350 Lg Pistol Magnum         (80+)
              200 LG Rifle                                (50+)

Primers, whole lot $90 or best OFFER

No longer have a need for this! Make offer, open to ammo trades of similar value!

I may consider nearly any trades, 
Factory loaded and/or rimfire AMMO would be great!
Maybe multiple trades, so Offer Up, worse thing can happen is I say No Thanks!

I am located in Duplin County, willing to meet within about a 30 minute drive of home for the right deal.
Please check my other listings for more items of interest.

Thank You!