NEW GLOCK 19 Gen4 9mm Semi Auto Pistol, 4.01" Barrel 15 Rounds, Black


The GLOCK 19 Gen4 chambered in 9mm Luger features a modular backstrap system that allows a shooter to tailor the rough textured grip of the pistol to their hand size for optimal ergonomics. Making the pistol even more user friendly, GLOCK has introduced a reversible magazine catch on the Gen4 pistols, now right and left-hand shooters can enjoy the pistol as Gaston Glock envisioned. To tame the recoil of the 9mm cartridge, GLOCK has introduced a dual recoil spring system that not only makes the GLOCK 19 a soft shooting pistol but also significantly increases the service life of the pistol.

The GLOCK 19 has changed the semi-auto pistol market as we know it thanks to innovative design, space-age materials and reliability that has defined the GLOCK name. Embraced worldwide by shooters in both professional and civilian circles, the GLOCK 19 has gained worldwide acceptance.

Police and military turn to the Glock 19 for its robust, reliable design that continues to perform in even the most demanding of environments. Featuring a large 15 round magazine capacity that rivals even the full-size service pistols, the GLOCK 19 has more than enough firepower to be used as a standard sidearm while retaining a compact and concealable form factor for plain clothes officers.

Civilian shooters embrace the GLOCK 19 for many of the same reasons as militaries all over the world, but the customizability of the pistol also helps find a home for the compact Austrian pistol in competition circles as well as in the hands of concealed carriers and homeowners looking for a cost effective firearm to defend their families.

Specifications and Features:
GLOCK Item: PG1950203
GLOCK 19 Gen4
9mm Luger
Polymer Frame
Black Finish< br> Standard GLOCK Sights
15 Round Magazine
Hexagonal Rifling
Cold Hammer Forged Barrel
4.02" Barrel
7.28" Overall Height
1.18" Width