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- Melonite Nitrite Treated
- Bolt: MPI Tested 9310. 7% Stronger than C158.
- Extractor: Precision Machined Hardened Tool Steel
- Gas Rings: Stainless Steel per Mil-Spec
- Carrier: AR15 Profile Carrier 8620
- Gas Key: 4140
- Gas Key Screws: Grade 8 Properly Staked
- Cam Pin: Precision Machined
- Retaining Pin: Precision bent and cut to length
- Firing Pin: 416 Stainless Steel

Melonite Nitriding treatment turns a standard chrome moly steel barrel into a verylick, hard and corrosion resistant barrel. Unlike chrome lining, the Melonite processis a treatment done to the surface instead of adding a layer of material. This treatment is done to both the inside and outside of the barrel. The slick surface will never peel, is thicker than chrome lining, will not negatively affect accuracy as chrome lining does and will reduce the amount of friction created. Less friction equals less bore surface wear which will extend the barrel life. Another added benefit is carbon does not easily adhere to this surface making your cleaning job that much easier. This technology has been used by Glock, Springfield and Heckler & Koch for years and is gaining popularity as more companies are offering their products with this treatment.

Product Code: MAS00103108