300 Blackout Subsonic
Qty: 30
245gr Hi-Tek Missouri Bullet Company Projectile
1050 FPS out of 10.5" barrel
Remanufactured, once fired military brass
CCI 41 Primers

From the manufacturers:

.300 Blackout - Hi-Tek

.309 Diameter
245 Grain RNFP
Brinell 20
For Subsonic Work
Hi-Tek 2-Extreme Coating from J&M Specialized

CCI 41 Primers:
Military-style semi-auto rifles seldom have firing pin retraction springs. If care is not used in assembling ammunition, a “slam-fire” can occur before the bolt locks. The military arsenals accomplish this using different techniques and components—including different primer sensitivity specifications—from their commercial counterparts. CCI makes rifle primers for commercial sale that matches military sensitivity specs that reduce the chance of a slam-fire when other factors go out of control*. If you’re reloading for a military semi-auto, look to CCI Military primers.
*Effective slam-fire prevention requires more than special primers. Headspace, chamber condition, firing pin shape and protrusion, bolt velocity, cartridge case condition, and other factors can affect slam-fire potential.